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Matcha Green Tea Almonds 110g

Matcha Green Tea Almonds 110g

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Matcha Green Tea Almonds 110g

Matcha Green Tea Almonds 110g is a delightful fusion of premium matcha and crunchy almonds. Indulge in the harmonious combination of earthy matcha and the natural sweetness of almonds, creating a unique snacking experience that will transport your taste buds.

π”ππˆππ”π„ π…π‹π€π•πŽπ”π‘ πŽπ… πŒπ€π“π‚π‡π€ 𝐀𝐍𝐃 π€π‹πŒπŽππƒπ’: Get ready to embark on a taste journey that combines the distinct taste of matcha green tea with the satisfying crunch of almonds. Our Matcha Green Tea Almonds offer a blend of flavours that will tantalize your taste buds.

π•π„π‘π’π€π“πˆπ‹π„ π’ππ€π‚πŠ π…πŽπ‘ π€ππ˜π“πˆπŒπ„, π€ππ˜π–π‡π„π‘π„: Matcha Green Tea Almonds 110g is the perfect snack for any occasion. Whether you're craving a midday energy boost, need a pick-me-up during work or study sessions, or want a delicious treat to enjoy with your favourite beverage.

π”ππˆππ”π„ ππ€π‚πŠπ€π†πˆππ†: We pack our chocolates in zipper storage bags so that you can open them everywhere and seal them many times, keeping them fresh for longer.


White chocolate (cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk, sunflower lecithin, vanilla), almonds, matcha green tea, natural flavor, cane sugar, tapioca syrup, tapioca dextrin, confectioner's glaze. Allergy Information: This product contains almonds and milk and may contain wheat, peanuts and other tree nuts. Caution: May contain occasional nut shell pieces.

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