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Fry's Orange Cream 3pack

Fry's Orange Cream 3pack

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Fry's Orange Cream 3pack

Fry's Orange Cream chocolate bars feature a refreshing orange filling wrapped in smooth chocolate. Made with rich dark chocolate with a smooth orange cream center. A sweet taste of tradition from the UK. Indulge in the tangy orange and rich chocolate fusion for a blissful treat.

π“π€ππ†π˜ 𝐀𝐍𝐃 π‘π„π…π‘π„π’π‡πˆππ† πƒπ„π‹πˆπ†π‡π“: Experience refreshing flavour with Fry's Orange Cream. This 3 pack of chocolate bars combine a smooth and creamy texture with orange-flavoured fondant center.

π‚π‹π€π’π’πˆπ‚ ππ‘πˆπ“πˆπ’π‡ π…π€π•πŽπ”π‘πˆπ“π„: For decades, Fry's Orange Cream has been a beloved treat in Britain. Its appeal perfectly balances the luscious chocolate coating and the tangy orange cream filling.

ππ‘π„πŒπˆπ”πŒ ππ”π€π‹πˆπ“π˜ πˆππ†π‘π„πƒπˆπ„ππ“π’: Crafted carefully, each bar uses premium ingredients to deliver a delightful taste experience.

𝐏𝐄𝐑𝐅𝐄𝐂𝐓 π…πŽπ‘ π’π‡π€π‘πˆππ†: Each pack contains three bars, making it ideal for sharing with friends and colleagues or enjoying multiple moments of blissful indulgence.


Sugar, Dried Whole Milk, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin, Cocoa Solids: 32% minimum, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass: traded in compliance with Fairtrade Standards, total 77%.

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