Plan your party with Ryans Candies!


You will be hosting a party soon? We are happy for you, and we have all for your Candy Buffets!

Candy buffets, often known as candy stations or candy bars, bring style to any gathering. Even your pickiest friend or family member will be impressed with what you get, which will exceed all of your hopes.

Candy buffets are a festive and entertaining addition to weddings, baby and bridal showers, milestone birthday parties, retirement parties, holiday get-togethers, and many other events. Candy buffets are perfect as a flavor station in addition to being a distinctive decorative feature. 

To create a stunning candy buffet to go with your event, you don't need to hire an expert, all you need is:

1.  Define your theme and your preferred colors: 

  • Colorful animals, insects, or shapes are perfect for a kid's celebration.
  • Retro Candies can create a memorable birthday.
  • For a wedding or bridal shower, monochromatic white and ivory's are appropriate. 
  • Other options include brown, black, and white for a groom's table or a man's birthday celebration.
  • Pink, green, and orange for a sweet sixteen.
  • And so so on...

The rest is up to your preferences and creativity! Get inventive; we can very much accommodate anything you have to suggest. 

2. Order the candy:

How much Candy do you need?  Count your guests!  In general, it would work if you buy 220 grams of candy per person. Most of our Ryan's Candy bags contain the required grams for each guest, so it will be easy to know how many bags you need.

You can also add chocolate bars, pops, laces, chewys, and many other treats from our retro collection. 

Candy alternatives 

  • We have more than 100 options of pre-packaged Bulk Candy

Packaged in zipper storage bags that you can open and seal them many times, keeping  freshness for longer. Some of the options are: 

Candy bags (Jelly beans, colorful and flavorful gummies, mini fruit shapes, rainbow laces, jubes, mints, hard caramels, confetti almonds & more.) 

Licorice Candy bags  (goodies, panda, soft black bites, strawberry laces, Twizzlers cherry nibs & more). 

Chocolate bags (yummies rainbow, chocolate banana chips, mint malt balls, dark and milk chocolate almonds, chocolate peanuts,  yogurt almonds, white and milk chocolate wafers, M&M’s, Hershey's kisses, peanut butter malt balls & more)*

*Take into account that chocolate options are better for fresher venues so avoid very warm environments when using especially milk and white chocolate. 

  •  We also have a large selection of Retro Candy if that is the tone you want to give to your party.

  • Candy toys


3. Set up the buffet 

To display your amazing candy options, you will need to set up your table with a variety of containers. Choose some clear glass jars for a nice display or dress it up with anything else, such as wooden boxes, paper bags, baskets, vibrant vases, old buckets, and more.

The key to container setup is to combine different heights (short, medium, and tall ). To achieve height diversity among your containers, you can also use risers. Keep in mind that you don't need to invest much money in this component. Party and craft supply stores carry a variety of beautiful containers at affordable prices.

What else do we have for your party?

  • We have beautiful hand-made pinatas (in store only) if what you are planning is a Kids' Party. 
  • Selection of matured cheeses, crackers, and chutneys if your idea is to include a cheese board on your buffets (in store only).

Now that you have this knowledge and options to design a fantastic candy buffet for your event, we are here to help. We have hundreds of candy options available to help you narrow down just what you need for any theme or color.

Please let us know how we can help. Contact us at and we will be more than happy to help.